Friday, December 24, 2010

A Dragon's Tale

‘Twas the night before Christmas, the old story goes
The year Rudolph was sick with a cold in his nose.
His eyes were all itchy and watery too
He coughed and he sneezed a resounding A-CHOOOO!!

The poor little deer couldn’t lift up his head
How could he possibly fly - and pull that big sled?
His coughs and his sneezes just wouldn’t do
They started an avalanche - burying sleigh and toys too!

Santa thought and he thought then he called an old friend
Dr. Doolittle came running – couldn’t let Christmas end!
Doc spoke to the elf while shaking his head
“That is one sick little deer that must stay in bed.”

So Santa met with his wisest of elves
They debated and planned and said to themselves
“The fog is so thick, how do you suppose
We will ever get through with no shiny red nose?”

“There must be someone who can help us out
But who can it be?” The elves started to pout.
The littlest elf quietly started to sing
“I know of someone. His name’s Firewing.”

“He’s the smallest of dragons from the legends of old
But he’s kind and he’s loving, has a heart made of gold.
With a puff he can breathe fire on high
He has fire enough to light up the sky.”

“This tiny dragon has a talent so rare
He can make his wings flame while flying on air.
With Firewing’s help for the good girls and boys
Santa can get through with his sleigh full of toys.”

The reindeer looked nervous and pawed at the ground
A dragon? For real? THIS was the replacement they found?
The puzzled old elf asked “what’s the matter with you?”
Then Comet cried out “Santa, my friend, we love Christmas too.”

“BUT…a dragon?! For real?! What are you thinking?
He’s a dragon! He’ll gobble us up without even blinking.
We don’t want to end up flambĂ©ed as a venison roast,
Not a nice reindeer stew, to eat with some toast!”

The jolly old elf chuckled and said “My dear little friends do not dismay -
Dragons are just like you, they eat oats and some hay,
An occasional apple maybe a carrot or two
But NEVER my friends do they eat venison stew.”

They were still unconvinced so Santa said one thing more
“Dragons do have one weakness, a treat they adore.
They have quite a sweet tooth, and can’t get enough
Marshmallows my friends; and marshmallow fluff!”

“Marshmallows?” asked Comet “I hear they’re quite good,
The humans like to toast them over a flame made with wood.”
“Yes,” agreed Santa, “And Firewing is a friend
Who will toast them for you over and over again!”

So off they all flew that one Christmas night
Delivering presents by Firewing’s light.
They laughed and they partied and had quite a time
With roasted marshmallows and friends, it was quite sublime.

So early next morning Firewing crawled into bed
While visions of reindeer friends danced in his head.
He dreamt of the night with his new found friends
They saved Christmas for all, so it wouldn’t end.

But later that morning he wasn’t quite sure
When his young friend Brady eagerly bounced through his door
Had it been real or a wonderful dream?
His head was all fuzzy like…marshmallow cream.

“Come on down, Santa’s been here
I’ll tell you the story of the elf and reindeer.”
Brady babbled excitedly of the well known tale
How they delivered presents and made that sleigh sail

“He’s left us all presents – the best that could be
Some books are for Kylie, Dragonese tapes for me.
Ryan got a sword to decorate his room,
Sean got a boom box with extra loud boom.”

“But, you got the very best gift of them all.
Come see for yourself” Brady continued to call
A most perfect present, please hurry and see
Your very own fantasy – a Marshmallow tree!”

“It’s loaded with marshmallows and does a great trick
When you pick a marshmallow off, one grows back real quick.
It comes with a note from Santa” he raved
“Heartfelt thanks go to Firewing – for Christmas he saved.”

“What does he mean?” Brady wanted to know
But the dragon just winked and ate a marshmallow.
“Presents are nice – but not the real reason
We celebrate and love this wonderful season.”

“Christmas is more than just presents and toys -
Its working together to spread love and joy.
The best part of Christmas is the feeling you know
From sharing the love wherever you go.”

He ate one more marshmallow then started to fly
His message emblazed across a clear sky
“Happy Christmas to all – go spread love and good cheer
Be kind to others – throughout the whole year.”

Merry Christmas - Hope to see you in the Cybrarie !

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy November Day!

Hey – yo – Sean here. Hope everyone had a great Halloween with lots of fun and candy. Gotta celebrate a day that you get candy! And caramel apples, they’re cool too!

Not sure how many of you are aware, but today is another very special day - November Day. I know, it doesn’t get much press, but check it out. It’s a day honoring the Pooka, a member of the fairy folk both respected and feared. Well, feared may be a little strong...Pookas may get a little carried away sometimes and carry a joke too far, but feared?! I dunno

Anyway, one of our good friends, Nissa, is a Pooka. He is amazing! He is a shapeshifter so you never know where he is going to turn up…or in what form! I’m not sure what his natural form really is (he is a member of the goblin family…a distant member if you ask Professor Washington! He doesn’t really have a lot of patience for Nissa’s practical jokes, and Nissa, loves a good practical joke – guess that’s why we’re such good friends!) Anyway, Nissa’s favorite form to assume is this little ball of cotton-candy pink fluff (about the size of a grapefruit) with iridescent wings, but he can shift into anything or anybody. He seems to find this humorous…but it really is a wicked cool talent to have! Anyway…certain traditions are associated with him like the Samhain, the harvest festival for bringing in the last of the crops, for instance.

The Pooka usually lives around mountains and hills, and there are stories of it appearing on November Day and providing prophecies and warnings to those who consult it.

So today, he should be on his best behavior since he is being honored….although yesterday he was complaining Hallmark doesn’t have a card for this particular occasion…yet. Somehow I think he’s trying to get that changed! Anyway, if you see Nissa around, make sure to wish him a Happy November Day; you’ll make his day!
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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pixies in the Cybrarie!

Hey yo! Sean here with the shout out this morning. I’ve picked up my copy of The Destineers Journal of Fantasy Nations which is the required text for Professor Washington’s Mythical Beings class. I hear the Professor has a great post about Pixies over in the Cybrarie today. I can hardly wait to see what the little dude has ready for us. Ummm...please don't mention I called him a little dude. He's real sensitive about his height and being a goblin he doesn't think humans have any sensitivity anyway.

I'm glad he's posting about Pixies - may be that'll help me understand Merry a little better. Who's Merry? Merry Inch is a pixie who is a very good friend we met in the Netherscape. I've gotta say that little girl has spunk! She is a lot of fun, but she does tend to get into trouble a lot. Maybe that's why she and I get along so well... Anyway, she is really cute for someone of her, um, stature...I better shut up before I have all the wee folk on my case. Ow! Who? No fair hitting below the knee - Owwww!! Okay I think some of the leprauchans have infiltrated the blog, or maybe brownies, you rarely see them...owww! Leprachauns. Definitely leprachauns. Well, I don't want to be late for class - see you in the Cybrarie. Owwww, hey little dudes c'mon now! Did I mention I really like the wee folk?!?! C'mon you guys...!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Today's Mythical Being Lesson: The Phoenix

Today on Realms of Thought they are talking about favorite characters. In fantasy, these characters are not necessarily human.

Join us in the Cybrarie for Professor Washington’s Magical Beings class. Today's lesson is on phoenixes. If you want to follow along, open your copy of the text book The Destineers Journal of Fantasy Nations to page 119. Phoenixes are the most gorgeous creatures I have ever seen! Myrrh is the name of the phoenix we met in the Netherscape. He is very wise. Well, he is immortal, so I suppose he possesses the wisdom of the ages. He is extremely peace loving which is not easy in these troubled times and he has the keenest eyesight – he can see things that are happening miles away. Actually, Professor Washington says he can see all the way to the edge of the world.

Did you know a single Phoenix tear can cure any physical ailment a human might have? And their songs...oh, they are hauntingly beautiful. The song makes you feel totally at peace - with yourself and the world as a whole. It inspires you to feel like anything is possible. It fills you with hope.

We need a small bottle of phoenix tears for potions class this year…and a feather from a giant golden eagle. I’m betting the phoenix tears are to heal us after we try to get the eagle feather. Wonder what we’ll use the giant golden eagle feather for?!?

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Well, I hope to see you in class over at the Cybrarie! Wow-look at the time! Professor Washington hates it when we’re late for class! Gotta run!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wonderful World of Wizards

Hi everyone! Kylie here...

This week there was a new release in one of my favorite fantasy series, the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. If you aren't familiar with the series, you should seriously check it out - it's all about a P.I. named Harry Dresden...who happens to be a wizard. The new release is called Turn Coat and I can't wait to read it!

Anyway, I thought it might be cool to talk about wizards this week over in the Cybrarie , and Professor Stromber agreed. Stop over and check it out! Hope to see you there - I'll save you a seat in class!

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Percy Jackson Release

Hey yo, what's up?

Got to see the new Percy Jackson film recently and I was wondering how everyone else liked it?

I love Camp Halfblood - I could really get into a place like that to train for meeting up with fantastical beings. We kinda had to learn on the fly in the Netherscape, but it's all good. We also got to meet a lot of fantastical beings that weren't all trying to kill us, lol.
I know Professor Derrnz said the destineers all have strong magical roots, but dude, how cool is it to be a demigod?! Ya know?! Well, I gotta fly to get to Professor Washington's magical beings class...see ya at the Cybrarie!

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Monday, February 1, 2010

We Are So Excited!! Thanks for the Support inthe Preditors and Editors Poll!

Have you heard?! We are all so excited and want to thank all of of friends and readers who supported us in the recent Preditors and Editors readers poll. The Destineers’ Journal of Fantasy Nations placed 8th in the SciFi and Fantasy category! We are thrilled beyond words. Professor Washington (our favorite goblin teacher) will be so excited to find out humans really are interested in the nations of the fantasy realm...he may even crack a smile!

Stop by the Cybrarie and celebrate with us! Firewing is roasting marshmallows by dragon fire for everyone!!

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